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Getting a second mortgage

If you are not in this perfect position yet and you have built up only a little bit of equity, it does not automatically mean that all is lost. Check out what houses in your neighborhood are being sold for now because infrastructural improvements in your area could have made house prices go up. If house prices have gone up in your area, even for a reason like that, than it is very likely that the house you live in now is all of a sudden worth more too. In other words, you have build up equity and you did not have to do anything for it. Good infrastructural improvements could even have doubled the value of your house, and although that would mean that eventually you end up paying a lot more in property taxes you will reap a lot of benefits and you will get financial options that you never thought to be possible.
If you did not build up equity yet, that does not necessarily mean it is not possible for you to get a second mortgage. You might not find a mortgage with an interest rate of five percent, but it is possible that you can work out a deal with your financial institution that is considerably better than the twenty three percent in interest you are paying to your credit cards right now. Always keep talking to your bank, no matter what your circumstances are, and you will be amazed what deals are available to you.

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